Ponderings on 1 John 1:5-10

In order for us to be saved from our sins we have to first recognize that we are sinners. That happens when the Holy Spirit shines its holy lights upon them when believers are faithful to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit who has given us eyes to see and ears to hear and faithfully preach Gods word. we are dead in sin without his grace to make us alive. When we are made alive in spirit we offended by the filth we find ourselves in. It’s this point that either you see, recognize, admit to who you are and God begins to clean up your mess or take offense and continue to walk in darkness. It’s God who by his grace and mercy and love will offend the weak flesh to awaken his children to come forth into the light by the work of his Holy Spirit. He is the only one righteous to do this. He is faithful to complete his work. He doesn’t have ADHD or wandering eyes. He who began a good work in you with complete it. Only by being made holy by his finished work and reflection of his love, mercy, compassion, and strength can we have God honoring relationships with one another. But it begins with rightly seeing who we are in view of who he is. Holy Holy Holy!

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