Strong Fences

Father behind fence protecting son from bull

This was shared as part of a longer post on my other site but it seems fitting to share here as well. A few weeks ago, there was a bull riding event at the Evers Arena here in El Dorado, Arkansas.  There were some great bulls and great riders.  The whole thing was an event put […]

I hear that Train a coming, It’s Rolling round the bend.

Why do I post biblical stuff on here all the time?  Well to not “Exhort one another daily” is like seeing a child playing on the railroad tracks and falling down with a boxcar loaded down with the judgment seat of Christ barreling down the tracks on other people and doing nothing.   One day […]

Rat Killin

If you are a Jerry Clower fan or just grew up in the South, you have probably heard talk about rat killin. Well, we used to go on rat killins in an old barn when we were kids. It was great fun. When you turned over a feed trough an old piece of tin or […]