Rat Killin

If you are a Jerry Clower fan or just grew up in the South, you have probably heard talk about rat killin. Well, we used to go on rat killins in an old barn when we were kids. It was great fun. When you turned over a feed trough an old piece of tin or opened the door and the sunlight came in or you turned the lights on, the rats would go to running and we’d start shooting, We didn’t go in there to make pets out of them. We were there to kill the rats wherever we could find them and they knew it.

Satan knows that too. He knows that the Holy Spirit is there to root out and kill sin wherever it finds it. but he tries to convince us to defend our sins by making pets out of our sins. The light of Christ shown through the truth of his word, exposes sin and we go running around to make excuses and find reasons to blame others for our own unrighteousness.

Don’t make pets out of your sins. Kill it everywhere you find it in your own life first. Then grab it by the neck, throw it in the yard, and burn it on a brush pile big enough so that the light from the consuming fire of the Holy Spirits fire burns bright enough in your own life to help others around you see the sins in their lives. Some may run away from the heat and retreat into darkness but real Christians will either start turning over things, get a club and start beating rats, or warm up around the fire until they can.

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