I hear that Train a coming, It’s Rolling round the bend.

Why do I post biblical stuff on here all the time?  Well to not “Exhort one another daily” is like seeing a child playing on the railroad tracks and falling down with a boxcar loaded down with the judgment seat of Christ barreling down the tracks on other people and doing nothing.  

One day every knee will bow and everyone will be judged by Christ. Each one of us is commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves and to make and train disciples of Christ. We have to exhort one another daily in love.  We will all be judged on the evil we have done and for good. (2 Cor 5:10) But for those without faith in Christ and repentance, without new birth they remain dead and will stand before God at the white throne judgment and be cast away.(Rev 20:11)

This means that if the truth of Christ is revealed in you then you have been whisked off of the tracks just before the judgment train arrives.  But make no mistake, just because you believe a man named Jesus lived means nothing.  Faith is much more than that. Faith requires the production of repentance and good fruit. Genuine faith means that at the judgment seat of Christ, you will still be judged by the works that your faith produced. If you didn’t exhort one another in love, make and train disciples, and keep his commands you will be judged accordingly.  

Now what that looks like and, I don’t exactly understand.  What I do know is that we have to do our best to follow his commands in faith and he will lead us to them with clarity, conviction, and confidence.  Those who do have genuine faith will be forgiven of the evils we’ve repented of but will be rewarded for the good that we’ve done for him and for his Glory.  The world may call us judgmental.  If we ourselves are repentant in faith and our exhortations and calls for repentance are done in love, Let them. 

It’s not our job to save the world but to share the gospel of Jesus.  Salvation is purely the Lord but he creates divine appointments and uses us to carry his gospel message of grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, and restoration to his people.  Will you be obedient to his commands? 

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