Pondering 1 John Chapter 2 (cont)

There’s a lot here finishing up 1 John chapter 2

This whole chapter is about abiding in Christ and testing, what’s true and what’s not. It’s about being so in tune with the word of God that the World is not only unappealing but discernible between true righteousness and that which is false.

There are many Antichrists. Anything that would point you to any direction except Christ is by nature anti Christ. That’s really important to understand but there is an anti christ coming. We see in Mathew 24 that if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived. Thank goodness it’s not possible. We see that reflected here in vs 19. A lot of people think that if you stand firm on the Bible then you are an angry person and you are driving people away from Christ. It’s clear that is not possible. Those who go out from us are not of us. From the beginning, God predestined his children in anointing them in the Holy Spirit. We’ve been given the knowledge to hear his voice and see his truth. It’s totally undeserved and by grace alone through faith alone that we have nothing to boast in but it’s clear this anointing is from God and for his purposes.

Be warned though, that the world will not stop attacking you and Gods truth. It’s satans number one goal to sow seeds of doubt in Gods sovereignty and holiness. All he has to get us to do is doubt God. When we doubt God we elevate ourselves to choosing anything but God. That’s the essence of All sin. Every single sin we commit is choosing something other than Gods righteous and Holy Standards.

But those who he anointed will confess their sins and seek Christ to abide in for all eternity. It’s his work that he created in us to walk in. His children will seek him. His word does not return void. It’s a promise. It’s his covenant. His steadfast love abides in and with his people forever. It’s true because it doesn’t come from man. We (the bride) were chosen by the father and the son paid the price for our righteousness to present us to himself a spotless bride.

We get to serve him in humble submission to his will. Abiding in his love mercy grace and providence with the knowledge that he is gone to prepare a place for us. We can abide in him with full confidence awaiting his return. Knowing that he is righteous and we are not gives us the hope to fend off satans attacks when he tries to condemn us with our sins. But as the groom has gone to prepare a place for us, we the bride are being sanctified. Have you ever paid attention to all of the lengths that a woman goes through before her wedding day to make the day just perfect. Hair just right. A perfect white wedding dress. Catering and photographers galore. Probably spending a few extra days working out and eating right too. Well that’s how we are to be. We are to be cleaning up our lives not to fit into the dress but to present ourselves to Christ on his return. A lot of people get worried about the Antichrist but our eyes should be fixed so squarely on Christ that it’s not our focus. Christ is both our means to heavenly places but his presence is the most high heavenly place that we seek.

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